Hi-tech products and services, which constantly meet or exceed customers expectation and implied needs together with safety at customers premises.

Each procured material is undergone through strict quality inspection as per the quality plan with latest Indian standard specifications.

Hi-tech prepares and submits the quality plan of each of their order execution and upkeep the quality record as per ISO certification. The procured material is 100% chemically and physical tested at government approved laboratory and undergone the strict quality supervision by the senior partner of the company.

Strict quality checks, records and test certificates edge the final finish product of high quality without any manufacturing defects. Thus Hi-tech always guarantees their products for the period of 12 months from the date of commissioning and do not expect any part to be replaced atleast for 5 years.

The quality assurance plan approved by all leading engineering consultants and industrial giants are strictly being followed with upkeep the records of certifications till the dispatch of the equipment’s.

Each equipment is undergone through stage-wise and final inspection as per Q.A. plan and tested as per latest Indian standard specification with test loads, overload test and deflection test.